Ali's Wedding (M)


Rating: M - Mature themes and coarse language

Director: Jeffrey Walker

Main Cast: Osamah Sami, Don Hany, Frances Duca

Genre: Drama/Romance

Running Time: 2hrs

Language: English, Farsi, and Arabic with English subtitles

Synopsis: After a reckless lie sets off a catastrophic chain of events, Ali, the son of a Muslim cleric, finds himself caught between his sense of duty to his family and following his heart. An irreverent and warm-hearted comedy, ALI’S WEDDING is an affectionate and entertaining story of love and duty. 

Session Times
Thursday 19 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm
Friday 20 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm
Saturday 21 October- 10:30am, 8:30pm
Sunday 22 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm
Monday 16 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm
Tuesday 17 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm
Wednesday 18 October - 10:30am, 8:30pm

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